How PHENOTYPE is structured

PHENOTYPE is a collaborative project to investigate the interconnections between exposure to natural outdoor environments, and improved human health & wellbeing. The project is broken down in topic-specific work packages led by respective experts.

WP1 Project Management

Overall management to oversee planning and quality of the project delivery, including financial, logistical and ethical aspects.
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WP2 Mechanism Assessment

Exploring the mechanisms underlying the relationship between the natural environment and health and well-being for different population groups and different levels of urbanity and rurality by collecting new data.
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WP3 Epidemiological Studies

Evaluating the relationship between natural environment indicators and various health outcomes in different regions of Europe.
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WP4 Therapeutic Studies

Elucidating preventive and therapeutic effects of natural environments in patient and non-patient populations.
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WP5 Implications, Health Impact

Assessment and Planning Integrating literature, PHENOTYPE results and negative effects of exposure to the natural environment. Informing policy decision makers and professional practitioners, formulating recommendations and guidelines for use of planning and management.
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WP6 Policy Involvement and Dissemination

Engaging with stakeholders and disseminating information on the state-of-the-art in health and the natural environmental sciences. Providing the dissemination framework and organising of workshops.
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