Interim deliverables

Following key stages during the project lifecourse, PHENOTYPE will release deliverables which will provide an overview of interim results of the activities. These will be made public as close as possible to the planned submission date to the Commission (see below for document details).

Project milestones will be reported on following workshops in months 6 (June 2012), 24 (December 2013) and 42 (June 2015), as well as in the periodic reports planned for June 2013, December 2014 and December 2015.


Management Handbook

Month 1  Completed
D2.1 WP2 Study Protocol Month 6  Completed
D2.2 Workshop - Fieldwork Training Guide Month 12  Completed
D3.1 WP3 Study Protocol Month 6  Completed
D4.1 WP4 Study Protocol Month 6  Completed
D5.1 WP5 Study Protocol Month 6  Completed
D6.1 Project Website Month 6  Completed
D6.2 Project Information Leaflet Month 6  Completed
D6.3 Dissemination Strategy Month 6  Completed
D6.4 Evaluation of Stakeholder Activities during year one of the PHENOTYPE project lifecycle Month 12 Completed